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About Yoga Garden

The soul is here for its own joy.

Our Creation

Yoga Garden Pittsboro was founded by Lexie Wolf, a dedicated yogini and community public health advocate, in collaboration with Dharma Richards, founder of Yoga Garden Apex. With Dharma as mentor and muse, Lexie has adapted the model of Dharma’s much-loved community studio to Pittsboro’s unique vibe and sensibility. Many local yogis, healers, dreamers and doers have generously invested their time, wisdom, and prana in the birth of Yoga Garden Pittsboro. Their collective energy has made it possible for Yoga Garden Pittsboro to take root in our community.

Our Mission

We strive to be an open-minded, open-hearted community dedicated to nurturing wellness of body, mind and spirit. Raising our consciousness, quieting our minds and opening our hearts is our work. We believe in the sacred practice of yoga as a cornerstone of our wellbeing, and that practicing as a collective adds to its power. We seek to honor and care for these fragile, beautiful bodies we have been gifted. Together we will live our lives out loud, full of vibrant energy and peaceful love, open to wonder and surrendering to Spirit. 

Our Garden Cottage

We are grateful for the opportunity to practice and connect in our garden cottage, a charming and creative space in downtown Pittsboro. Our spaces include:

  • Magnolia Studio, our larger studio (32 x 15)where most of our yoga classes are held
  • Little Lotus Studio, an intimate space (15 x 15) for smaller classes, meditation and more
  • The Healing Loft, a dedicated space for our healing practitioners
  • A full kitchen and lounge where you can enjoy a cup of tea and a chat after class
  • A garden and a rocking chair front porch for relaxing
  • A bathroom with separate shower room plus an additional changing area for your convenience

Our cottage and individual spaces are available to rent for your meetings and events. Contact Lexie at info@yogagardenpbo.com for more information.

Our Community

Coming Soon!