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Roz Tyburski

I’ve been practicing yoga for more than 20 years.  When I discovered the practice of yoga it changed my life; because of this I knew I had to share this gift with others.  So, 19 years ago I took my first teacher training.  Since then my teaching has ebbed and flowed along with my life.  From teaching 15 classes a week and leading teacher trainings on the weekends, to owning a studio, to teaching once or twice a week, to giving up teaching altogether to focus on my own practice, or so that I could meet life’s other demands.  Yoga always calls me back to teach, and I can’t not answer.

I consider myself a yogi athlete. I’ve been an avid cyclist and hiker for over 30 years, practicing yoga for 22, teaching yoga for 19, and recently – 3 years ago – became an equestrian. Yoga vastly improved my cycling and hiking.  Since I’ve been riding and working with horses I find that yoga goes beyond the physical and helps my connection and ability to communicate with them.  

I completed my 200 hour RYT program with YogaFit, became an E-RYT shortly thereafter, and started leading teacher trainings for YogaFit. I spent 6 years on the road with YogaFit leading Levels 1, 2, & 3, Prenatal, Seniors, and Strength trainings. I’ve has also had the privilege of taking several teacher workshops under Shiva Rae, Rolf Gates, Jeny Otto, Sadie Nardini, Kristen Cooper, and Baron Baptiste. In addition to the physical aspects of yoga, I was raised on the yogic philosophy, meditation, and principles handed down by Paramahansa Yogananda. Yoga as a philosophy and the practice of meditation was simply a part of our household, and from that standpoint my mother has been my greatest yoga teacher.

I teach a powerful, flowing class in a lighthearted manner that you will find challenging, accessible and rewarding; mind, body, and spirit.